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Project submission interface

Welcome to the Saint-Gobain Foundation project submission interface!

For any submission of a new project, please take care that it goes with the Saint-Gobain Foundation criteria which are :

  • A main goal for youth professional integration
  • And/Or social housing
  • Its beneficiaries are low-income families, socially underprivileged and/or deeply marginalized people,
  • It must be run by a non-profit organization,
  • Located in a country where Saint-Gobain is present,
  • The sponsor (or co-sponsor) needs to be located near the project


Moreover, take into account the following : 

  • Projects that are heavily oriented on health or handicaps must have a social dimension (for a disadvantaged population) or include employment integration.
  • The amount requested is appraised in light of the number of beneficiaries
  • The Foundation does not provide any construction materials and does not cover any running costs
  • Highly socially innovative projects are particularly encouraged (ex : equipment charity shops, circular economy employment integration, etc)
  • With regards to employment insertion, it’s important to check that the training program is a qualifying training program


We will endeavor to process your requests as soon as possible. At any time, you can contact the Foundation's coordination team.

Thank you for your commitment to the actions of the Foundation!